Adult Day Care
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The Senior Circle of Friends Adult Day Care offers programs which are aimed at adults who are frail or elderly, those with physical or mental challenges, in stroke recovery, showing signs of early Alzheimer's, or in need of supervision or moderate assistance. Those with severe behavioral problems, advanced care management challenges, or advanced Alzheimer's would not benefit from our services.
Our Staff - We have a professional trained staff who is CPR & AED certified. They are experienced with working with senior adults.Our Facility - The facility is built to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Designed with home style comforts and surroundings including a kitchen, TV area, and rest area with elevating recliners.
Regulatory Compliance - Care service standards have been issued and approved by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Tennessee license number is V9-3616-A-63.
Criteria / Requirements - Complete information and enrollment packets may be obtained by contacting our office at 931-648-1345. You are also cordially invited to come by the adult day care for a visit and obtain information. For you convenience you may download this and other information from the LINKS provided below.
Hours of Operation - Monday thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

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Our Program Includes

Intake Packet
Microsoft Word document explaining the adult day care program, policies, regulations, and criteria for enrollment. This form is Mandatory for enrollment into the adult day care program

Enrollment Cost Sliding Scale Application
Microsoft Word document for applying for Income based cost for adult day care fees. This form is optional for enrollment to the adult day care. Individuals not completing this form will be charged Full fee rates.

Medical Examination Report
Microsoft Word document for information pertaining to the applicant's medical history, allergies, medical treatments, attention required, and psychiatric state. This form is Mandatory for enrollment into the Adult Day Care. All information obtained from this form will remain confidential in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Current Prescription Medications
Microsoft Word document containing a list of all current medications the applicant is taking. This form is Mandatory for enrollment into the Adult Day Care.

Adult Day Care Standard Operating Procedures
This file details the procedures use in the Senior Circle of Friends Adult Day Care.